Yacht & Small Craft Marine Surveys

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We provide yacht & small craft marine surveys for both power and sail vessels up to 24m (80’) constructed of fiberglass (FRP), aluminum, steel and wooden vessels. We also provide marine surveys for workboats, water taxis, dive boats and commercial vessels registered up to 15GT.

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Yacht & Small Craft Marine Survey Services

Dock & Marina Surveys

Ocean Marine Surveys Ltd. specializes in Dock & Marina Surveys for Insurance-Condition & Valuation Appraisals for those needing to reinsure, valuate or appraise their facilities for insurance, underwriting or financial assessment purposes. A published report summarizing the following infrastructure is provided as a deliverable:

  • Pier & foreshore abutment condition assessment
  • Ramp and Float assembly assessment
  • Moorage system assessment
  • Shoreside electrical, potable water and sewer facility infrastructure assessments
  • Valuation & Replacement costs
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Yacht Guardianage

Yacht Guardianage and Boat Watch Services

Pender Harbour and other areas of the Sunshine Coast are home port to many pleasure yachts and boats, and commercial vessels. Yet, many vessel owners are not present within the region during off-season months to look after their vessel. Ocean Marine Surveys Ltd. provides guardianage services to those boat owners who wish their vessels to be cared for and checked on, especially after storm events to ensure that the vessel is safe and secure and attended to with personal care.

Key benefits for the boat owner:

  • Assurance as to the safety and security of your boat.
  • Peace of mind, knowing a qualified person is caring for your boat
  • Local knowledge of the qualified personnel.
  • Support of a local boat guardianage team on the Sunshine Coast

Our guardianage services include but are not limited to:

  • Inspection of mooring and stern lines
  • Checking of shore power and battery charging
  • Regular checks for leaks and airing (especially after inclement weather events)
  • Checking the bilges and engine
  • Checking and securing of all covers and tarps
  • Regular running of engines and other machinery
  • Stowing and securing all deck equipment, sails
  • Charging of batteries

We provide:

  • Comprehensive boat checks by qualified and dedicated staff
  • Weekly or fortnightly checks
  • Available in the water or on the hard
  • A detailed report emailed after each check
  • Issue management
  • Available at the following locations: Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Duncan Bay, Hospital Bay, Whiskey Slough, Gerran’s Bay, Bargain Bay and all other Pender Harbour moorings, including Sechelt & Gibsons and all other locations on the Sunshine Coast of BC.
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Pre-purchase Surveys

This is a comprehensive type of survey required when purchasing a new or used vessel. It is a complete hull and topside inspection of the vessel undertaken to determine its condition and overall safety and operational capabilities. The Pre-Purchase Survey will require an out of water inspection of the hull and underwater gear, including but not limited to percussion sounding of the hull, detailed inspection of thru-hulls, investigating real and potential corrosion hazards, in-depth observations of accessible interior structural components, and all ancillary equipment necessary for the safe operation of the vessel. An estimated local market value will be provided based on the vessels condition and general maintenance. The survey will include Surveyors Recommendations to identify and address any found deficiencies.

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Appriasal / Valuation

The ‘Appraisal’ or ‘Valuation’ survey is the most basic type of survey and is normally required where there is a need to establish a ‘fair market value’ for the vessel, perhaps for the purposes of obtaining a loan, to settle an estate, document a donation for tax, or other legal purposes. An Appraisal survey may also be used to provide basic information to insurance companies, sometimes accompanied by a brief description of the overall condition of the vessel, looking at the hull and structural integrity and some brief commentary on the equipment and its condition. Normally, this type of survey will require a haul-out for examination of the hull and underwater gear, however this may be deemed unnecessary depending on information required.

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Appraisal / Valuation Boat Marine Survey

Hull & Damage Surveys

A Hull & Damage survey is usually commissioned by a specific insurance company as part of a claim investigation. The purpose of the Damage Survey is to establish the extent of the damage and to provide an estimate of the cost of repairs. In such circumstances, the Surveyor acts as the Underwriters eyes and ears. The Marine Surveyor works in liason and full cooperation with the insured, the repair facility and other relevant participants.

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Hull & Damage Surveys

Insurance Survey

The Insurance Survey is performed to enable an underwriter to determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk. It is a report on the condition of the vessel at the time of survey, along with a valuation of the vessel with the primary focus being the safety and integrity of the vessel and its compliance with Transport Canada Regulations and American Boat and Yacht Council standards. The client will arrange for hauling-out the vessel for inspection of the hull and underwater gear.

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Marine Surveying Insurance Survey

Pre-Offer Inspection

This is the perfect solution for out of area clients that would like to have a surveyor’s opinion on whether or not a vessel meets their basic expectations prior to arranging travel to see a vessel, or prior to making an offer on a vessel. In this case Ocean Marine Surveyors, acting on behalf of the client, will arrange to view the vessel and will provide a brief report of findings meant to support, augment, or simply corroborate the client’s information already received. The Condition Inspection is normally completed with the vessel remaining in the water. Whether on the hard or in-water, these observations will provide a cost-effective approach for obtaining preliminary information on the vessel of interest

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Pre-Offer vessel Inspection

Ultrasonic Thickness Condition Surveys

Condition Surveys for Steel or Aluminum Vessels

The Ultrasonic Thickness Condition Surveys are a method for providing non-destructive results associated with the thickness and integrity of your steel or aluminum vessel. The vessel under survey will be required to be cleaned well, and accessible in all possible areas necessary to fully investigate its condition. In some cases, additional areas may need to be ground to solid metal for giving sound readings if the exterior of the metal is locally deteriorated. These areas will be identified by the surveyor prior to commencing the works. Ultrasonic measurements may require 1 or 2 days of investigation depending on the size of the vessel and the overall condition of the metal under survey.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Condition Surveys

Marine Incident Investigations

Ocean Marine Surveyor services may be procured for the purpose of any of the following accident types and circumstances:

  • Navigational Accidents
  • Collisions
  • Groundings
  • Structural Failure, Machinery & Equipment Damage
  • Explosions and Fires
  • Cargo Shift Incidents
  • Flooding
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Marine Incident Investigations

Transport Canada Simplified Stability Assessments

Assessing Intact Stability and Buoyancy of Existing Non-Pleasure Vessels.

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